Temple Update May

Temple Update May

With the 3 ring of the Stupa being finished the work has come to a holt for me as its only the monks working on it at the moment since its precisions work.

It’s truly remarkable to see the monks meticulously adding their final touches to the rings of the stupa. With the completion of the three rings, the work has momentarily come to a halt, as only the monks are currently involved in this precision work. The dedication and attention to detail they bring to their craft are truly inspiring. Each movement is imbued with spiritual significance, and the process is as important as the final product itself. As they delicately place each ring, it is not just the physical structure that is being built but a profound spiritual connection that is being nurtured.

The sight of the monks engaging in such precise work is undoubtedly mesmerising. My heart is filled with awe as I witness their devotion to this sacred task, evident in every action, reflecting the deep spiritual significance of the stupa. The silence surrounding the construction area adds to the reverence of the moment, as I observe the fusion of human dedication and spiritual intention. It is a reminder of the beauty that can be found in both the process and the outcome when approached with such care and mindfulness.

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