Temple Update

Temple update

It has been another amazing month at the temple building the Stupa. This month we have been busy waterproofing the base of the Stupa.

We have also started on the first of 3 rings of the stupa which will end up being 1 metre high for each ring. I am helping by laying brick after brick working with the Monks and the beautiful Sri Lankan Community, while also making beautiful friends along the way. I am learning so much about the Stupa and all of the different stages of building.

Building a stupa is a special in Buddhism. Stupas are like big towers that represent Buddha’s wisdom and teachings. When we are building the stupa, we are doing a good deed called merit-making. It’s like earning points for being kind and helpful. Everyone, from monks, believers, volunteers and skilled workers, joins in to build it together. This brings people closer and helps them feel connected to their community and faith.

When a stupa is built, it’s not just a tower; it’s a symbol of peace and goodness. People believe that it spreads positive energy around it, making the area peaceful and happy.  By building a stupa, people not only do something good for themselves but also for others. It’s like a big gift of kindness to the world, reminding people of Buddha’s teachings and bringing them closer to their spirituality.

Stupa building is a way for communities to celebrate their faith and share its message of peace and kindness. It’s a beautiful tradition passed down through generations, where everyone can come together and create something meaningful. As the stupa stands tall, it becomes a reminder of the goodness in people’s hearts and a beacon of hope for a better world.

I am so blessed to be part of this most beautiful and amazing journey and especially leaving such a memorable legacy for years to come.

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