Empowering Families

Empowering families

New Program available.

Like every family there are ups and downs, arguments, parents running a household, working parents, exhaustion, lack of communication, challenging behaviours, running on empty, running kids to school, sporting, appointments and so much more.
Loosing connection with their partners and kids and breakdown in relationships and the family units. I was hearing more and more statistics every day with family, friends and clients. I know this because I was one of them with a marriage breakdown then loosing myself in the mix of everything.
This is why I have created this program looking at my family dynamics and what makes us all who we are.
Looking at things what really makes us all tick.
Looking at ways to make our home balanced, peaceful, fun and full of love.
Looking at emotions, triggers, and boundaries.
What is working and what is not working.
How as a family we can create a space which is safe and none judgment.
How we can communicate with each other.
How we can hold space for each other and more…

I have created a 4-month program and I have opened my calendar to 12 families starting in march so if you would like to be one of those families please book in a FREE connection call by sending me an email to joyheynsbergh@gmail.com or call me on 0412 217 130

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