Buddhist Monastery

Buddhist Monastery

Hi everyone, I have recently been involved in an amazing journey building a temple in Mt Evelyn at Mahamevnawa Buddhist Mediation Monastery of Melbourne.

The morning of the 25th November 2023 just 6 days after my aunty passed in Sri Lanka while searching for a Sri Lankan temple to go to I found this beautiful temple in Mt Evelyn was holding free meditation classes. So off I went on journey down there then after the beautiful meditation the monk gave me an invitation to the laying of the golden bricks being the foundation of the stupa. I was so blessed to be apart of this so the next day I made the journey down again. So much emotion came up as the laying of this golden brick was being layed 7 days later in the time my beautiful aunty passed.

Since that day I have gone back to support the community laying the base of the stupa and I am so blessed to be going back every 2 weeks to help build the stupa which has been an amazing experience so far. 

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